spring cool.

yes please to all these looks.
images via turned out - can't get enough of this girl's photos.


outside van der ham.

bo don from premier and rasa zukauskaite from next outside the michael van der ham show this fashion week. love the veronica lake hair.. so hawt right now.
images © anna singleton 2012.


spring couture.

lovvvve the fresh spring feeling in these two images.. print is obviously going to continue to be a huge trend this spring/summer but what feels newer to me is the lovely mix of fabrics and textures. mix couture techniques and intricate surface decoration with a modern quilted silk bomber jacket and simple white jersey tee. think it looks really beautiful when done tonally but looks amazing in clashing colours too. this one will continue into winter so stock up now.
images via fashion gone rogue.


90s sportswear: at home.

so inspired by this 90s/home thing at the moment.. i've been wanting to use this shoot of anais pouliot by lachlan bailey for twin magazine for ages now - such a beautiful shoot and just perfect spring styling.  i noticed quite a few girls in trainers at fashion week this season, which makes a change to last (someone came up to specifically tell me that i was the only person they'd seen wearing trainers - fashion week to me = minimal effort / maximum comfort / it wasn't a style choice). really into the more slimline sporty ones at the moment - nike have got a couple of really nice pairs, and i've got my eye on a pair of new balance.. if you're trainer shopping then go for a proper 90s mono - all black shoe with white sole. perfection.

1. kate moss, 1993 (photographer unknown) via in between dreams.
2. kat poly by marios kalamaris via coute que coute.
3+4. anais pouliot by lachlan bailey via fashion gone rogue.

metallic wang.

shoes by alexander wang, image via 5 inch and up.


such a great shot by shini from park and cube. these mirrored shades are ones to watch - have seen them cropping up in a couple of shoots over the last month and they just look coooool. particularly nice paired with the reflective surface of what looks like the patent leather + jersey jacket from marni for h&m.. good low-key hair too.
image via park and cube.


lfw street style: below the knee.

apologies (once again) for the silence! i've had a manic few weeks at work and am only getting round to editing my london fashion week stuff now.. for me, this fashion week was all about what was happening below the knee.. printed trousers, rolled-up denim and statement shoes. excuse the blurriness of some of these - they're not the best but give you an idea of how to work this fun, summery trend.. roll on summerrrrr!
images © anna singleton 2012.



oh my days, this look is ideal! i've been wading through mountains of catwalk for work and i never get that excited about new york but this look from proenza schouler's aw12 collection is just perfect. who wouldn't want a quilted satin varsity jacket with two embroidered pheasants on it? who?! head over heels for the woven pailette skirt and the bambi bag too.. gonna be shooting at london fashion week over the next few days so will keep you posted on that. happy friday!
main image via style.com, to see the rest of the collection, go here.


daisy chain.

love these images by maya from 'turned out'.. they remind me of a proper 90s primary school sports day where you'd spend most of your time trying to make the longest daisy chain (in between 3-legged races and games such as 'who can balance the beanbag on their head the longest?' - my favourite). images via turned out. if you haven't already been on it then check it out, full of lovely portraits and really fresh fashion.. bring on the summer - that jacket is callin' my name.


natural structure.

we bought a new book last week for one of our stories at work, entitled 'then again' by shirana shahbazi (available from the photographers gallery bookshop, buy online here). it features a lot of photography that looks like art (somewhat of a trend at the moment). most of the photos are beautiful in their own right but what is interesting are the pairings in the book - where very colourful, structured, geometric images are placed next to those of nature. there's one in particular that features a very subtle photo of cracked ice next to a kaleidoscopic burst of shapes, that seem to echo the cracks in the ice. i'm rambling a little but just thought it was a really interesting idea..
these are not from the book but love the simple colour palette in these images, which are via here and here.

simen johan.

surreal summer vibes in these photos by simen johan. visit his website here.



absolutely love the work of tauba auerback and found it hard to pick just four to show here (to see the rest of her work go here).  chose these because of their relevance to the whole pearlescent thing which is coming into action at the moment.  they are all acrylic on canvas and all untitled. images via her website.


studies after nature.

more rocks! this time they belong to juergen bergbauer, taken from issue 5 of newwork magazine. The series, called 'studies after nature', comprises of 42 inkjet prints and is another perfect celebration of the mundane. i'd like to own all 42 and have them framed in a special room in my house. ahhh, just imagine. images via the newwork magazine website.


sander '96.

the walls of my flat are slowly filling up with ad campaigns - is it weird to want to frame them?! i often think that campaigns (well, when done by faves celine / jil sander) are so much better than any stylist-butchered shoot in a magazine - they're totally pure, with the whole look and aesthetic exactly how the designer intended. let's be honest you're not gonna top head to toe sander.. these two are from the spring/summer 1996 campaign, shot by craig mcdean.


off to paris.

yeahhhhhh i'm off to paris tomorrow for a couple of days for work- can't wait!! haven't been back in so long... above is another beautifully inspiring design by tom speirs - if you haven't already, check out his  website.


tom speirs.

wow i just came across tom speirs - he has some really good typography and loads of these weird moving image videos - i could seriously watch this all day.. check out his website, the design (and content) is so slick. moving image from his vimeo.

firework studies (continued).

thought i should probably give you a preview of the book as it is that time of year.. images by pierre le hors, images via his website. hope you all had a good 5th november! x


pierre le hors: firework studies.

a few years ago i decided that i must be growing up because i reached a stage where i would be happy to receive a book as a present. about two years ago i decided that i must definitely, finally be a proper human being because i'd reached a stage where i was asking for books as presents.  if anyone is wanting to buy me a present, buy this book. i saw it first about two years ago when it first came out and had completely forgotten about it until the other day when i was in the ica doing some research for work.  the concept - page upon page of black and white photos of fireworks- is very simple but it is just absolutely beautiful and so magical and by the end, even though you've probably seen every kind of firework formation that exists, you just want more and more.  this is definitely on my present recommendation for anyone's christmas list - there'll be someone you know that would treasure it forever..
image via pierre le hors' website, book available from hassla books or the ica bookshop.

lfw street style: all black.

back onto a bit of street style now with two of my faves from fashion week - the girl on the right being the highlight of the entire week. i'm not going back on all the colour talk, because colour is everything, but when black is done right, it looks incredible.  what i love about both these girls is that they ease cool - they have great natural style, the sort of people that could be wearing bin liners (and dad no, the trousers on the right are not made from bin liners) and i'd still be rabbiting on about them.  in actual fact the jacket on the right is prada, not tesco value, and it is one of, if not the most exquisite piece i have ever come across in my entire life.  i don't want to embarrass myself with the non-technical terminology here but something amazing has happened in the weave of this jacket, creating the most beautifully subtle ombre effect, where the base - almost a raw silk quality, transforms into an almost waxy cottony wool at the top.  the reverse is attention seeking, eye-grabbing, and truly modern with hundreds of feathers intertwined with what can only be described as shredded vcr tape. absolutely amazing.

© anna singleton 2011.