this little guy is here to cheer up your drizzly wednesday. photo from valerie roybal's flickr.


lfw mens: christopher raeburn.

christopher raeburn's presentation was one of my favourites on menswear day at fashion week. even though most of the collection veered on being too 'urban sportswear' for me, i still really appreciated it, with this jacket made from scandinavian tyvek snow camouflage being the stand-out piece.

'this limited edition garment is one of a maximum of 100 proudly made in england. constructed from scandinavian tyvek snow camouflage and lined with re-appropriated parachute nylon. each garment is unique and original fabric may contain imperfections.'

© anna singleton, 2011.


i went to the natural history museum for work a while back and forgot to put these (very) blurry photos up. my initial reason for going was to see the new 'images of nature' wing - specifically to see the john reeves collection but, whilst there, these images of rocks (i don't know that they are rocks for definite as i've lost my notebook) took my fancy. great patterns of nature. great colours. again please do excuse the dodgy blurriness of the photos, it isn't for effect.



...i don't know how i missed this but pantone do iphone covers? that is probably the only thing that would make me switch from my blackberry (cue the never ending and never exciting iphone/blackberry debate).. so nice. available from colette in paris, go here.
image via the lovely sandra at '5 inch and up', who i met at fashion week.

before and after.

painted these eggs at last - want to do more, hundreds more, and then gonna hang them off a nice big branch (that i'm still yet to find). the ones that accidentally got a larger hole i filled with red food colouring so they had a pink inside. paints from daler rowney, eggs from tescos.
© anna singleton 2011.

jacket from shoot.

this can kind of replace an 'outfit post' as i'm not one for full length photos.. i got this jacket a couple of years ago from uniqlo - there were about thirty on the rail, all reduced to £7.99 - as if none had sold. strange, as it is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. love the paleness of the blue against the brushed silver fixtures. 'worn' here with my chanel broach.
© anna singleton 2011.


thursday shoot.

decided to be proactive on thursday and do a shoot with laura, shooting (mainly) my graduate collection along with a couple of other pieces. we were blessed to work with tatiana from d1 models, who had us all in stitches by the end of the day. to see the rest of the photos, go to laura's website: www.lauramccluskey.4ormat.com. to see my graduate collection and other design work visit my website at www.anna-singleton.co.uk.

photography: laura mccluskey
styling: anna singleton
make-up: ellie gill



currently obsessed with this boy, darryl sharp, from d1 models. love his chavvy look and his ck jumper. what a great face. images via models.com.
photographs for 032c by alasdair mclellan.


his and hers.

can't decide which i prefer out of the mens/ womens collection this season.. think it's the womens (just because of the knit) but the mens definitely comes a very close second. again, the trousers are perfectly cut, the shoes are are a good balance between smart and cool, the colour palette is beautiful, the textures are lovely and the silhouette is spot on. if you can spare the cash, i think every man should have a jil sander suit in their wardrobe, plus probably worth investing in the coat on the bottom right because it's d i v i n e.

jil sander aw11.

wowowow. so slick. i'd really like to crawl inside raf simon's head and steal his brain. he is always one step ahead.. i understand that to a normal person it's 'just a pair of trousers and a jumper or a coat that's too big' but to me, it is genius. i absolutely love (one again) the colour palette, the knit, the wool trousers, the sleek lines, the boyish boots, the duvet-like pieces.. i could go on. to see the rest of the collection, go here.
images via style.com.


heikki salonen lookbook aw11.

oh. my. days. this is so beautiful. flawless collection and flawless look book. so much so that i wish there was a way of scanning it in and sending it out in 3d form.. for now my 2d scans will have to do. salonen's signature grungey tailoring continues this season but with a new level of delicacy. the sheer fabrics and layering of textures offer a ready-styled look whereby you can happily dress head to toe in it without looking like a maniac. his website leads to straight to a mail page but still worth a look because the splash page is one of my favourites: www.heikkisalonen.com. to see his profile on the lfw site, go here and to see my other posts on him, go here.
photos by nicole maria winkler.


these photos from stuart pillinger (another talented friend of mine) make me want to go to paris so bad.. they're an interesting portrayal of a beautiful city and love the contrast between the chaos of the first image and the serenity of the second.
visit his website here and his flickr here.


karen walker aw11.

this is definitely my favourite karen walker collection to date. i feel she gets a bit overlooked - admittedly she never does anything ground braking but she does make really lovely, wearable clothes, usually with nice colour palettes, prints and proportions. this is definitely as girly as i'd go but i really love this collection - the black vinyl detailing bringing it to life, along with some really strong accent colours to contrast the floral prints. the styling is spot on with the black beanie hat. to see the rest of the collection, go here.
images via style.com.

white rail.

when i am older and rich and have built the house of my dreams (i like to hold on to the idea that this will happen one day), i plan on building a long dressing room with an industrial pole that runs down the entire length of the room, with my clothes running in colour order. it will also act as a platform for building new colour stories.. i know something this basic (and weird) shouldn't excite me but it does. a lot. i took these pictures for my friend lu's magazine called rosie which you will hopefully hear about in the not too distant future.
© anna singleton 2011.


marni aw11.

  marni was pretty flawless again with these looks being my favourites. there's so much i love about them - the colour palette, the silhouette, the fur, the leather, the shoes, the raw edges... yum. to view the rest of the collection go here.
images via style.com.

chloé aw11.

i liked the chloe collection but nothing was standout apart from these two coats.. it's all about outerwear for next season. to see the rest of the collecion, go here.
images via style.com.



this photo and the rest (which can be seen here) are by my wonderfully talented friend laura mccluskey. more to come from her and hopefully more of ted, who wondered into our view at fashion week a couple of weeks ago with the most incredible face and hair. we spent about ten minutes trying to bully him into a modeling career. sorry ted.

from the series 'ted's place' by laura mccluskey.


celine aw11.

oh my gaaaaaad. this makes me want to go back to design. this is absolute perfection. that orange coat. and the fur. phoebe you can do no wrong, no wrong.
images via style.com.

jil sander ss11.

although miles too late, had to post this up as it was my fave last season and the answer to why there's so much colour on the catwalk and on the street this season. only raf could turn haute couture maximilism into jil sander minimalism. you can already see aspects of the collection creeping onto the high street but if you're gonna do it, do it in full.

images via style.com.


wear pink.

from neon sander-inspired shades (with a crisp white shirt and denim or other brights such as a tangerine orange) to softer, more floral tones (in layers and differing textures).

1. image from london fashion week feb11 © anna singleton 2011.
2. tear of jil sander dress from elle magazine.
3. image from london fashion week feb11 © anna singleton 2011.
4. tear from pigeons and peacocks magazine - photographer unknown.
5. photo of peonies via haw-lin.
6. rose print - pierre joseph redoute.


perfect colour combination with the neon yellow bordering on citrine, against the grey almost lilac tones of the sky and muted tone of the sand. pow.
image via unknown.


neutral pause.

for weeks i've been dying to buy some eggs to spray with white emulsion, gold foil etc. gonna do it this weekend, a nice pre-easter activity.

image via unknown.


i really need to get some nice sunglasses this summer.. these would do nicely. it'd be nice for the summer to start rolling in now, come on.
image via google.


been wanting to post up this guy for aaaaages but wanted to put him up with something or someone else. this girl strolled into view on menswear day with an absolutely incredible coat which left me and laura dribbling. it may seem a bit far-fetched placing these together but it kind of makes sense to me.

1. image via haw-lin.
2. © anna singleton 2011

think pink.

haha naff title but loved this girl on menswear day, it's all about pink. such a lovely contrast to the natural stone setting of somerset house.  obviously you can't strap lumps of stone to you but wear neutral shades accordingly.

© anna singleton 2011.



haha, this sums up fashion week for me.. bloggers delight.
© anna singleton 2011

more from unique.

ok these are the last model snaps from unique, i promise! they just looked so sweet after the show, i couldn't resist. plus love the colours in the photo of the trio.. again you can view the collection here.
1. chantal stafford-abbott / ajak deng / marike le roux
2. sofia fisher

© anna singleton 2011.