faces (continued).

some of these photos are a little blurry (as with a couple of the others from my previous post) but i had to put them up as once again, there's just something about these girls.. there's so much colour around this fashion week which has been so nice to photograph in such dismal weather.  each morning i'm trying to find more cunning ways of hiding even more layers under my coat - tomorrow i'm opting for two pairs of tights under my trousers, and three pairs of socks.

© anna singleton 2011.

faces of london fashion week.

there's something about these girls..
photos taken on days three and four of lfw.  © anna singleton 2011, first image by my assistant, robyn skeels.


backstage at unique.

siri tollerod after the topshop unique show this afternoon. to view the whole collection, go here.
© anna singleton 2011.


lfw day 1: gorgeous girlie.

this girl was a breath of fresh air at somerset house today.. natural style only comes with feeling totally at home in what you're wearing. absolutely love her short hair/ mottled jacket/ print and flash of magenta - winning combo.
© anna singleton 2011.

new york fashion week: 3.1 phillip lim.

i first posted about green after lfw last september (see here) and it looks like it's here to stay - the whole of phillip lim's last collection is great and has a really strong colour palette but these four looks are my absolute fave - they feel really fresh for a winter collection and the different textures together (wool/silk/jersey/leather) are a dream..
to see the rest of the collection, go here.


new york fashion week: reed krakoff.

really liked the reed krakoff collection that has just shown at ny fashion week, especially the coats. i would like all of them but especially the middle two. to see more of the collection click here.

gift card.

got mum a gift card for toast for her birthday - it's so nicely packaged..

british film institute.

had a lovely few days last week with me mam and dad wandering along south bank - sometimes it's nice to 'do' london with non-londoners.. went to the bfi for the first time and saw 'silken skin', directed by francois truffaut which was lovely. equally great was the shop where i got this postcard - the dvd section is really well stocked and they had some nice magazines..

postcard is of jean-paul belmondo and jean seberg by jean-luc godard, 1959.
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where they create.

where they create is another beautiful website dedicated to giving you a glimpse into the worlds (or rather spaces) of designers/ artists/ bloggers/ architects (and so on).  its founder paul barbera,  an interior based photographer, set up the site as a visual documentation of the environments belonging to artists and creatives he looked up as he traveled for assignments. it takes on a rather voyeuristic approach, which is extremely appealing..

images via the website.

confetti system.

can't believe i've only just found out about the 'confetti system'.. they're so cool they've actually made me like 'craft'. the duo behind it are nicholas andersen and julie ho - brought together by their mutual love for collaboration and making. they transform materials such as tissue paper, cardboard, and silk into interactive objects and have worked with some big names in the fashion and music industries including opening ceremony, pop magazine and the yeah yeah yeahs.
images via their website.


heikki salonen.

i was first introduced to heikki salonen by hatty a while back and he has fast become my favourite designer to show in london. since graduating from the RCA in 2008, he has shown at lfw for the past three seasons, as part of fashion east. unfortunately he's not included in this season's line-up but can't wait to see what he's got on show at the exhibition.. i think he's the freshest thing to come out of london for a long time.. the new 'cool kid on the block'.

images via style.com.


exhibition: wildlife photographer of the year.

'snowed in' by orsolya haarberg.
orsolya camped through winter storms in norway's dovre-sunndalsfjella national park to photograph muskoxen. on particularly cold days, muskoxen conserve energy by resting. it's then possible to approach them, but if you get too close and spook them, there is a real risk of being trampled. 'for two days,' says orsolya, 'the wind was so strong and it snowed so much that I couldn't even see the animals.' but the next day it stopped snowing, and the massive forms of muskoxen emerged from the landscape.
postcard from the natural history museum 'wildlife photographer of the year' exhibition - on til 11th march. text via the nhm website.


constance jablonski by chadwick tyler for grey magazine.



serious. nike have brought out a cashmere mix, grey crewneck under their nike sportswear line.. 'nuff said. image via svpply, jumper available (in x-large only) from end clothing.


feeling inspired by stella, thought i'd give you a piccie of this bedspread i got last summer from the antique market in kingston. it's trimmed with blue rope tassel around the edge and has such a lovely summery print.. the market (although in kingston) is worth a visit - it's on the fair to slightly pricey side but if you're in there for long enough you'll find a bargain.

copyright © anna singleton 2011.


stella resort.

starting to see a more clinically clean-cut silhouette in stella mccartney's ss11 resort collection. love the botanical prints - good way to 'do' floral without looking too pretty.

photographs via hanneli and style.com.


céline wish list.

aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want them all now! if you are lucky enough to have the cash for one of these beauties then head here.


martin parr.

I was first introduced to martin parr years ago and have always admired the colour in his work, but found the images themselves a bit overbearing.  however my lovely mum and dad gave me one of his books 'the last resort' back in october for my birthday and i absolutely love it; so much so that i'd actually like two copies (as with magazines i buy), one to keep pristine on the shelf and one to rip up to frame the images individually on my wall.  these are my favourites from the book - i think they'd be great to have up in your bathroom.


jil sander.

raf simons, designer for jil sander, has to be the king of simplicity. amazing cuts and use of colour - find everything he does completely inspirational. best ad campaigns ever. in love.
assortment of magazine tears from image archive.