acne ss12.

love the fresh colours coming through in acne's latest collection.. kind of over the whole orange thing now (which also featured in the collection in some pretty cool leather pieces with cut-out stars) and more on to these newer, more sophisticated tones.  Always been a navy girl but liking the introduction of the pewter tones into these two outerwear pieces, combined with the malt of the knit and the almost vinegary tone of the green.  white has been a very popular base colour this season which can be pretty tough to wear unless you're blessed with olive skin and a figure similar to a twiglet but it does sure look nice.
images via style.com.


loving the relaxed vibez from lagerfeld's most recent collection for chanel - i have always been an extremely big fan of chanel as a brand - the logo mainly -  but this season i have to say that i absolutely loved the collection.  although spring/summer i thought it had a very light wintery feel to it, with an extensive use of white and the introduction of the most amazing iridescent, plasticy looking fabrics.  it was also nice to see an air of simplicity to the collection, which is not something chanel is known best for but something that lagerfeld pulled off really really well - the clothes had an almost graphic quality with the simple addition of those thin black lines. fingers crossed for a good high street rip off of the jumpers cause i like them an awful lot.
images via style.com.


love always.

this is a bit of a naff post but i'm feeling all loved-up at the moment cause two of my best friends are/ have moved in with their long-term boyfriends and one of them has just got engaged! plus been looking for an excuse to put up this horribly girly (but great) banner, available from 'nice' on etsy. love the tassles, love the glitter. love love love.

narciso rodriguez ss12 hair.

move over dip-dye and make room for the spacey out-of-shower comb through coloured up-do seen at narciso rodriguez's ss12 show. i know the whole colour-in-hair thing is a bit of a fad but i do actually like it (especially when designers use it in a more innovative way than the blogger-style seen on most 17 year old topshop dressers in the country). there were some cool post-modernist looks happening with the clothes as well - to see the full collection go here. images from here.