these rings are by 'balnikova', who first came to my attention through following this blog - i was flattered when i looked up her flickr because i absolutely love her stuff. top of my wish list is the 'mini knuckleduster' in oxidised silver (top image) and these really sweet rock rings made from polymer clay (below).


rainbow hair.

it's a bit late in the day to be posting about dip-dyed hair but this really takes my fancy and inspires a very fresh colour palette - especially the candyfloss pink against the teal blue. the original image is of gwyneth tang taken by 'hanneli' last october.



i am absolutely desperate for a pair of these nike blazers, they come in amazing colours including a mustard yellow and a cherry red. nike can do no wrong.. give them to me. available from office.

perfumed pages.

i've had these magazine tears for years and i still really like them.  there's something about the chunky font which gives them a bit of attitude.
magazine tears from image archive - 10 magazine.


into the gloss.

here's a panoramic of some of my better looking beauty products i can't live without.  head over to 'into the gloss' for more beautiful people, products and pictures. it's like 'the coveted' but for make up and the best beauty blog out there at the moment.
from left to right: antique perfume bottles, 'amber' by prada, 'peony eau de parfum' from zara, 'dws' nail varnish by illa masqua, essie nail varnishes in 'playa del platinum', 'st. lucia lilac' and 'tart deco', red nailvarnish from no7, 'nightfall' nailvarnish by mac, ysl 'rougue pur' lipsticks in nos. 49 and 52, nars eyeshadow palette no.9947, 'night breed' eyeshadow from nars, 'jungle red' lipstick from nars, mac lipsticks 'cyber' and 'diva', 'simply pink' lipstick from chanel, stardust in gold from the body shop, rose face cream from basia slesinska, blue and green hair extensions from krish.
copyright © anna singleton 2011.

inside the wardrobe.

i find it really funny how fascinated we are with other people's belongings. don't know if it's a british thing with our incessant nosey-ness or if this is a worldwide hobby but i always find it amusing when friends come over and 'go through' my wardrobe and bookshelves. the coveted (which i have posted about recently) go further than providing images of people's belongings by also quenching my particular thirst for layout, more specifically how people arrange their wardrobes.  These images are from the wardrobes of fiona green, joanna hillman and mona sharf.
images via the coveted.


on the wall.

as much as i love a white wall, it's a great space to use as an interchangeable mood board - i can't take a decent enough picture of the bits and bobs i have up on the wall in front of my desk at the moment, so here are two lovely images i've found for the time being..

1. saga sig.
2. fiona green's wall, (associate fashion editor at flare magazine) via the coveted.

the coveted.

head over to the coveted - a 'behind-the scenes' website founded by Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark, photographed by Jake Rosenberg.  it gives you a look into the closets of some of the more influential names in the industry and is one of the most inspiring sites (in terms of inspiring you to go out and make money, and lots of it).  this is elite fashion but definitely worth a look.


styling work i did in the summer for the convenience store. head over there with your credit card to get your contemporary fashion fix - the only uk stockist for heikki salonen.
To see more images and film stills from the 'uniform' shoot, head over to my other blog www.annasingleton.blogspot.com.  Photography copyright © Gabriela Antunes 2010.

core of the cave.

seem to be doing one too many star themed posts so this is the last one. (for now) - i'm just really drawn to the colours. would be so good printed on velvet and mounted onto the ceiling of a car.

core of the cave nebula by greg morgan 2007.
image via sierra remote observatories.



slickest logo in the world.

magazine tear from image archive - yves saint laurent logo by adolphe mouron cassandre, photographed by hedi slimane, 10 magazine.


hair (again).

don't know why i'm posting up so much about hair (especially as the wang-inspired braid movement seems to be over) but this 'do' really takes my fancy - think it's to do with the white tones in her hair, it would look amazing with proper old, silver locks.
images via elenita.


used these images a while back as the main inspiration behind my cos project and am still absolutely in love with them. have searched high and low but can't find the originals anywhere - these are via 'some required'.


gold leaf.

trend: there's a big beauty trend with gold at the moment and i'm pretty sure it'll trickle down into clothing very soon.  i really like the rawness of the gold foiling and think it could look really cool on garments - collars and cuffs of shirts, the bottom of jackets etc. gonna try it out for sure.

1. gold leaf via 'haw-lin'.
2. mikael gregorsky for u/c magazine.
3. salasai s/s 11 via 'fashion toast'.


these images make me want to cut-off my jeans, listen to my walkman and skate around the city in the sun.
images via 'haw-lin'.


hair by david rodriguez on rumi neely of fashion toast.


i want to live here, they've found a perfect balance of old and new and although light and airy it feels really cosy.  image via '16 house'

bag it up.

got this bag from cos for christmas.  it's an amalgamation of three celine bags so suits me just fine. love it up.

the index.

index from image archive - 'bon international' magazine a/w 0910.

all-star girl.

timeless style.  i'm going to get back into wearing my white converse high-tops - they have such a classic, cool look.  this was my favourite girl from last fashion week - she really stood out to me -effortless, laid-back style.

1. magazine tear from image archive - 'chuck taylor all-stars' by converse, 10 magazine.
2. image taken at london fashion week september 2010 © anna singleton 2010.