sandown pier.

have had the best week in the isle of wight with my boyfriend's fam visiting all the sights.. this is the end of sandown pier, which was suprisingly tranquil, home to an arcade and some pretty rad carry-on style 'stick your head in the hole' photo scenes (someone please let me know what their official name is?!) it was the most amazingly gloriously sunny day and i just wanted to jump in the sea. worth a visit if you're ever on the island and enjoy the typical seaside town arcade. which i do - a lot.

sandown pier, isle of wight. © anna singleton 2011.


easter bunnies.

these absolutely amazing fluffy little lads belong to annie novak who runs a rooftop farm in new york. images via the selby, which you should visit if you haven't already. look at them napping. ridiculous.

afternoon sister.

still from "afternoon sister" directed by beau grealy for test magazine. love their hair and their young faces and the white shirt on the left. and the bench and the yellow in the background. laavly.


molly's bag.

snapped this pic at fashion week back in february of my friend molly. she has the most amazing hair colour, which looked great against the deep red of her jacket with the flashes of lime green coming through. then there's the bag. fur is gonna be big (like it or not) and this is the perfect way to execute one of next season's biggest trends.
© anna singleton 2011.

easter chicks.

i got this postcard a couple of years ago from the antique market near my parents and have been dying to use it all this time.. happy easter ya'll.


beach front.

having a bit of a road trip round england at the moment starting with a visit last week to see me mam and dad in exmouth - was really nice to see everyone knocking about on the beach.
images © anna singleton.


shini's back.

..back again... this time looking so sweet in the most beautiful pink leather jacket and red trouser combo, obviously transported to new levels of goodness by the simple white tee / jumper / can't quite make out what it is but it's white and i like it..
image via park and cube.



absolutely love this bit of dip-dyed hand pleating from glennis dolce.


knit x puffa.

ok so this really is an all time low - stealing another blogger's outfit post to avoid doing my own but i know people yearn for 'accessible fashion' / 'fashion on real people' so here it is... on the lovely shini of park and cube, probably the only blog i actually bother to read as opposed to flicking through pictures mindlessly as if it's a chore. although it's an old post of hers, i wanted to sneak it in on the off chance that the sun might come out again and the lovely winter knit/denim/puffa combination becomes irrelevant (in addition to the lovely snowy background, of course) so here it it, a ladylike spin on the crotch shot. image via park and cube, go and visit her lovely blog here.


dan holdsworth.

i seem keen on posting mountain shots for some reason.. here's another lovely one from dan holdsworth. image from the series 'black mountains' via his website.


riiight so this top from bohoboco might as well have been made for me - it's absolutely perfect in every single way with its clean white silk, its LOVELY detailing with the inside-out seams and the very carefully crafted 'i just drew it on' trompe l'oeil effect. i really want it. i would re-direct you to the site but they've shot their collection in such an awfully boring and cheap way for such lovely clothes.. this image from park and cube does a thousand million times better a job.

dion lee.

well these are a bloody nice example of how soft, deconstructed, feminine tailoring should be done. they belong to australian designer dion lee, whose line II collection is launching this summer. his site is temporarily under construction. LOVE the aqua colour in the background of the left-hand image.
images via 'style bubble'.


goodhood x r.newbold.

this was obviously too good to be posted up with other items.. goodhood x r.newbold 'jacquard leopard jacket' in washed indigo.
images via the goodhood store.


did an online window shop (screen shop?) last night - window/screen in the sense of (a) if i had money and (b) if i was a man/boy. my friend thom bought this sweet t-shirt from norse projects last week, which prompted me to have a look on the goodhood site. low and behold i found some beauties, admittedly the shorts are for the more exotic man but i love them (they also come with a matching shirt but i didn't want to push it). lads, if you've got some cash, head over to goodhood immediately - ladies, the womenswear is disappointing.
1. junya watanabe man x le laboureur 'wax jacket' in blue.
2. wood wood 'sunday shorts' in blue/white.
3. norse projects 'hunter lambswool knit' in amber gold.
4. monitaly 'flat front shorts' in ikat brown.

images via the goodhood site.



right. i promise i'll cool off on the blazers front but this was too good not to post. grey ones get on my feet now. and the red. and i wouldn't say no to the yellow. perfect with rolled up jeans. just perfect.
image via 'streetfsn'.


nike x liberty.

still dying for a pair of blazers and (i think) i still prefer the originals but these are pretty sweet.. the collection is exclusive to liberty this april, with select styles hitting office and independent retailers from 1st may. visit the nike website for more details.


golden brow.

more gold leaf - keep seeing it coming through in editorials - like the look of it painted on.. liquid browzzzzz..
photograph by ann he via studded hearts.


orange scape.

don't want to drone on about the weather but it's been the best weekend.. hope the sun is here to stay! image via my image archive (photographer unknown)


wear orange.

orange is one of the key colours this season and is here to stay for the foreseeable future. if i had my way i'd invest in the celine coat, unfortunately at the moment all i can stretch to is a nailvarnish (well i lie as i actually bought it over a year ago) - i recommend essie as it goes on really well and seems to stay put..
1. celine aw11 - image via style.com.
2. artist anka mierzejewska's door via where they create.
3. friendship bracelet via m.e.r bracelets.
4. viviana volpicella via garance doré.
5. botanical drawing by pierre-antoine poiteau - image via google.
6. jil sander ss11 - image via style.com.

friendship bracelets.

i'm having a bit of a colour moment (as you all know) and when i saw the proenza schouler bracelet, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. i still don't know what actually appealed to me the most; the colourful twine with chunky hiker-esque fixtures, the prospect of another craft project (i've already spent two and a half hours on ebay trying to find the perfect rope) or the fact that it sits so awkwardly on the taste fence. in recent weeks i have been challenging the latter a lot - trips to charity shops where i have (in my mind) purchased a karen walker-esque industrial two piece  (i was told i looked like a convict) - more to come on that (the two-piece, not prison life) and a sparkly silver bag.. still, i don't think a bit of coloured rope is going to hurt anyone.. now just need to find the perfect fixtures...
1. diy bracelet via 'some hot dishes'.
2. image by guy aroch, via 'it's nice that'.
3. images via 'oracle fox', flickr, google, opening ceremony.

icy landscape.

really like this and was feeling for a landscape shot.. image via haw-lin.


rumi's knit.

there is a big emphasis on knitwear at the moment and it's here to stay for the next few seasons. i think one reason for this is the lean fashion has taken towards practicality and function. with colder winters, knitwear has become an ever more important staple in our wadrobe, often layered in different weights and textures. this needn't stop for summer.. find yourself some lightweight knits or if going for a chunky, make sure it's 100% cotton. this lovely silver-coated jumper belongs to rumi neely of 'fashion toast'. if feeling inspired, do it yourself - acrylic paint applied with a roller works well as it wears in nicely over time.
image via fashion toast.



i've been doing some research for my photographer friend sophie's flat as she's asked me to help her out with the design for the interior. love this storage idea from designer dhiren bhagwandas. ticks both the 'minimal' and 'lived in/old' boxes. image via 'where they create'.



i keep getting confused as to whether it is fashion i should be doing or interiors, with places such as this inspiring me to do the latter. then again, the beauty of this kitchen is the lived-in clutter, which is near to impossible to create as it can only really come with time and use. although a great fan of the aesthetics of minimalism, i think when it comes to living and creating a home, a certain level of maximalism should be explored, especially in places such as the kitchen. (when i say maximalism i mean things such as displaying pots and pans and crockery as opposed to hiding them away in cupboards). this space belongs to chef and food stylist marlein overakker who lives in amsterdam. images via paul barbera of 'where they create', my favourite interiors website.


this is charlene almarvez, one of the new faces from premier model agency in london. came across her when searching for a model for the shoot i did with laura a few weeks ago. she's super cute. really want to shoot her (with a camera, not gun), something really pared down as her natural beauty is off the scale.
image via premier.


continuing on the animal theme.. again, photos from valerie roybal's flickr.



love this guurrl.. i've been searching for the perfect two-piece suit for over a year now - this one is pretty perfect (minus the gold buttons) and hits the spot on this summer's colour trend. looks cute with the hat and sunnies too.
image via tommy ton for style.com.

colour inspiration.


this is what everyone should be doing this summer - clashing brights. key colours are purple/ green/ citrine/ acid yellow/ blue/ pink/ orange. if you're apprehensive to do the whole look, the sock/sandal combo is still looking pretty good.
images via tommy ton for style.com.