friendship bracelets.

i'm having a bit of a colour moment (as you all know) and when i saw the proenza schouler bracelet, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. i still don't know what actually appealed to me the most; the colourful twine with chunky hiker-esque fixtures, the prospect of another craft project (i've already spent two and a half hours on ebay trying to find the perfect rope) or the fact that it sits so awkwardly on the taste fence. in recent weeks i have been challenging the latter a lot - trips to charity shops where i have (in my mind) purchased a karen walker-esque industrial two piece  (i was told i looked like a convict) - more to come on that (the two-piece, not prison life) and a sparkly silver bag.. still, i don't think a bit of coloured rope is going to hurt anyone.. now just need to find the perfect fixtures...
1. diy bracelet via 'some hot dishes'.
2. image by guy aroch, via 'it's nice that'.
3. images via 'oracle fox', flickr, google, opening ceremony.

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