jil sander store, nyc.

so i've spent the last two days in new york for work doing client meetings but managed to find a couple of hours spare on monday afternoon to go and visit some of my favourite haunts. very well situated (opposite opening ceremony) is the jil sander store.  i last visited two years ago and obviously loved it then but was really excited to see the s/s11 collection - what with all that colour against all that marble.. it didn't disappoint. i've got this ongoing battle in my head about 'when i buy a house how will i decide how to decorate it'.. (will it be homely and 'lived in' or beautifully minimal..?)  and this just confused me further as i've decided that i definitely want an angular marble staircase and a wall of revolving slats.. if you're ever in new york then it's really worth a visit.

images © anna singleton 2011.



more from photographer ann woo  - this will be the last one now, promise. these lovely shots are from the sunset series on her website. they really make me want to get into the dye lab and start playing about.. think you could achieve something really beautiful by spraying the dyes onto fabric and then working into them with bleach and sandpaper (this is when i need 20 white shirts and a slot on blue peter).
from top left: 'sunset, blue' / 'sunset, purple' / 'sunset, orange' / 'sunset, yellow' / 'sunset, green' / 'sunset, cyan'.