absolutely love the work of tauba auerback and found it hard to pick just four to show here (to see the rest of her work go here).  chose these because of their relevance to the whole pearlescent thing which is coming into action at the moment.  they are all acrylic on canvas and all untitled. images via her website.


studies after nature.

more rocks! this time they belong to juergen bergbauer, taken from issue 5 of newwork magazine. The series, called 'studies after nature', comprises of 42 inkjet prints and is another perfect celebration of the mundane. i'd like to own all 42 and have them framed in a special room in my house. ahhh, just imagine. images via the newwork magazine website.


sander '96.

the walls of my flat are slowly filling up with ad campaigns - is it weird to want to frame them?! i often think that campaigns (well, when done by faves celine / jil sander) are so much better than any stylist-butchered shoot in a magazine - they're totally pure, with the whole look and aesthetic exactly how the designer intended. let's be honest you're not gonna top head to toe sander.. these two are from the spring/summer 1996 campaign, shot by craig mcdean.