sander '96.

the walls of my flat are slowly filling up with ad campaigns - is it weird to want to frame them?! i often think that campaigns (well, when done by faves celine / jil sander) are so much better than any stylist-butchered shoot in a magazine - they're totally pure, with the whole look and aesthetic exactly how the designer intended. let's be honest you're not gonna top head to toe sander.. these two are from the spring/summer 1996 campaign, shot by craig mcdean.


  1. Anonymous12.12.11

    wow love this ad! do you collect them from magazines or do you just search for them on the internet and then print them out?

  2. bit of both! have a bit of an archive going from when i was at uni cause they had a huge back catalogue of magazines from the 90s but these two were from a google search.

    thanks for reading!

  3. wow, i haven't come across a blog like this in a while. it is incredible. well done. followed. xx