lfw street style: all black.

back onto a bit of street style now with two of my faves from fashion week - the girl on the right being the highlight of the entire week. i'm not going back on all the colour talk, because colour is everything, but when black is done right, it looks incredible.  what i love about both these girls is that they ease cool - they have great natural style, the sort of people that could be wearing bin liners (and dad no, the trousers on the right are not made from bin liners) and i'd still be rabbiting on about them.  in actual fact the jacket on the right is prada, not tesco value, and it is one of, if not the most exquisite piece i have ever come across in my entire life.  i don't want to embarrass myself with the non-technical terminology here but something amazing has happened in the weave of this jacket, creating the most beautifully subtle ombre effect, where the base - almost a raw silk quality, transforms into an almost waxy cottony wool at the top.  the reverse is attention seeking, eye-grabbing, and truly modern with hundreds of feathers intertwined with what can only be described as shredded vcr tape. absolutely amazing.

© anna singleton 2011.

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