pierre le hors: firework studies.

a few years ago i decided that i must be growing up because i reached a stage where i would be happy to receive a book as a present. about two years ago i decided that i must definitely, finally be a proper human being because i'd reached a stage where i was asking for books as presents.  if anyone is wanting to buy me a present, buy this book. i saw it first about two years ago when it first came out and had completely forgotten about it until the other day when i was in the ica doing some research for work.  the concept - page upon page of black and white photos of fireworks- is very simple but it is just absolutely beautiful and so magical and by the end, even though you've probably seen every kind of firework formation that exists, you just want more and more.  this is definitely on my present recommendation for anyone's christmas list - there'll be someone you know that would treasure it forever..
image via pierre le hors' website, book available from hassla books or the ica bookshop.


  1. Anonymous4.11.11

    seems like a lovely book! What other amazing books can you recommend?

  2. oh gosh depends what kind of thing you're after - "mark borthwick: not in fashion" is really lovely - beautifully made and wonderful photographs.. i recently bought "the heart land" by him as well, which is equally as good. in terms of inspiring colour imagery/photography i love edward burtynsky - "manufactured landscapes" and "quarries" being my favourite.. "nadav kander: yangtze - the long river" is also really special. for something non-fashion i can't recommend anything more than "the flavour thesaurus" - it's such a nice design and an excellent tool for cooking really interesting, tasty dishes!
    hope that helps! thanks for reading x