i went on a research trip to kew gardens a couple of weeks ago to help with some of my print designs for work.. i made sure to go on a drizzly day so that everything was really fresh and dewy, making it hard for drawing but so beautifully peaceful that it was worth the wet bum and soggy feet. i'm sure i'm not the only londoner guilty of this but i'd never actually been to kew gardens (or indeed most of london's other 'attractions', deeming them too touristy to bother with) but there are reasons so many flock to kew's vast botanical space.. it is absolutely breathtaking (so good that i only got one third of the way round it so this may have to be done in parts..) my 'must-sees' are the glasshouses, including the 'temperate house' which is the largest surviving victorian glasshouse in the world and reminded me of the wild overgrown building miss havisham lives in, in great expectations... check the website here.

images © anna singleton 2011.

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