celine resort.

so i literally don't know where to begin - apart from the lack of nike sportswear (omg nike/ phoebe if you're listening then please collaborate) this is the perfect wardrobe.. you've got your beautifully simple yet designed white whirts, your layering of sheer over cotton, your THREE piece suit (i've been hunting down the perfect two piece for a while now but this speaks for a whole new challenge AND it's printed with the most glorious acid floral print..) you've got your slouchy shirt and trouser combo (no one likes the prison look more than i do) - there's the trademark leather in the most amazing cut trews and last but not least the acid pink pop dress, ticking the pleating and 'covered up' box, of which i am the ultimate fan. oh and the shoes are totally 'to die for' / get on my feet now.
to see the rest of the collection go here. images via style.com.

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